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You hear the term "pay it forward" used quite often these days as people bless others in line at various retail venues, from expresso shops to restaurants and grocery stores, by paying for the next person's purchase. 

Although we minister cross denominationally in churches of all sizes, part of our vision and calling is to minister to small churches that might not consider inviting traveling ministries due to size and finances. We want to be an encouragement and blessing to them and their pastors. 

Jim has talked to numerous pastors of churches which are what he terms as "musically challenged." There are no quality musicians available or worship team and they are relying on worship CD's, DVD's, and YouTube for their congregation to worship. Any form of live quality music ministry is beyond question especially from an outside source.

We always go wherever the Lord opens the door for ministry no matter size of church on a "Love Offering" basis. Often the offering in the small church where there may be as few as ten people present doesn't cover our expenses, but we don't want this to be a hindrance from ministering in these types of churches.

If you would like to "pay it forward" this is what we are asking, for people to consider becoming "Pay It Forward Partners" by giving to our ministry to rural churches on a regular monthly basis. Everything we receive through ministry offerings, partnerships and sales go directly back into ministry.

"Pay It Forward Partnership" contributions may be made by going to our Products page on this site. For those persons who make such contributions we will be sending a thank you gift of a CD and book for a gift of $25 a month, and a thank you gift of a CD, book and T-shirt (your choice of size and color - place size and color in the notes after purchase), for an investment of $50 per month to minister in small churches. Any monetary denominations of smaller, amounts in between, or greater are also welcome.

If you have questions you can private message us at our Facebook ministry page.

Thank you for "paying it forward" and being a blessing by helping us fulfill our vision of ministry to small congregations.

Coming Ministry Dates

Jun 23
Harvest Time Fellowship Church
Gold Hill, Oregon
Jun 30
Sonrise Chapel
Junction City, Oregon

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