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Music does get a lot of emphasis in our ministry from a few songs to a full concert. It is a tool of ministry. But, we come to minister not just sing.

We are often asked as to our style of music. We do an eclectic variety of styles of songs from rearranged old hymns, to Celtic, to Southern Gospel, to Black Gospel. Even though our vocals are not country twangy, we even have a country sound to a couple song arrangements.

Flexible and open to whatever the needs of the local congregation and the desires of the pastor are what we strive to accomplish. Some pastors desire us to do simply a concert style of service with sharing between songs. On occasion we have sung a smaller package of songs and shared our testimony (a shortened version of what is contained in our book, a message of encouragement and hope). Where the church still has an evening service and the pastor has scheduled us for both services, we tend to do only three or four songs in the morning and preach a message and then sing a larger package of songs in the evening service and either share our testimony or preach another message. We have also done variations of the above for single services as well. We also minister in other venues besides regular church services (see our blog under the menu heading "Musicians Musings").

Although we minister in any church of any size and affiliation, wherever the Lord opens the door, we have a vision and heart especially to minister to small church pastors and congregations. Churches which may not get many outside speakers or quality music due to their size and perceived costs. We come on a love offering basis only, whatever the church can do. We have created our "Pay It Forward Partnership" (further information elsewhere on this website), to help make our going to churches of any size without creating a financial burden possible.

Our focus during any service, in word and song, is to exalt Jesus the Christ God's only Son and direct our attention through Him to our Heavenly Father. We bring a message of hope, that no matter what life throws at you, God has a plan and purpose for your life.

We may give opportunity for ministry at the end of the service at the altar if appropriate for the church and situation along with an invitation to respond to Christ by people giving their lives to him.

It is our desire to lift up Christ and be a blessing to the local church.

Comments we get from Pastors, congregation members, and people working in the music business: 



"An awesome message of hope as to God's working in your lives."

"Your book expresses such a testimony of hope for all of us. I couldn't lay it down!"

"You are such a blessing."

"Thank you for coming to our little church in this out of the way place."

"I was in deep depression one day and decided to play your CD, your music brought such joy and lifted me out of my self-focus!"

"I knew that for our pastor to invite you to sing and minister you must be at least OK, but WOW, what you do vocally just blew me away!"

"The harmonies you produce, the switching back and forth in parts within any given song, is amazing!"

"I thought you had probably sung together many years until you shared your story and the fact you had only been married to each other two years. So wonderful how God has blessed you both!"

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Jun 23
Harvest Time Fellowship Church
Gold Hill, Oregon
Jun 30
Sonrise Chapel
Junction City, Oregon

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